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Building Support for International Development

View an infographic summary of research findings from each country in the Build Support study.
Watch video from the Building Support Project launch event including a presentation of research findings and Q&A session.
Read details on the methodology used for the Building Support project.
Read some key communication lessons in Gerry Power's blog on the Gates Foundation website, Impatient Optimists.
Read about the Building Support team sharing its research findings at the RESULTS national conference in London.

A guide to communicating with key policy constituencies


Gates' Study Cover

I. Introduction / II: Summary of Key Findings

III: In-Depth Analysis

IV: Recommendations for Engaging Key Target Groups

V: Joining the Discussion -
The Building Support Portal /
VI: Appendicies

  • Details on methodology

  • Oganizations from which interviewees were selected

  • Popular websites mentioned by influentials

  • Most trusted information sources mentioned by established influentials

  • Development champions mentioned often by interested citizens


How can international development groups communicate and engage effectively with key actors in discussions about foreign aid and international development?

How can they ensure that their views on poverty alleviation, health care delivery and other challenges reach those who decide foreign aid and development policy?


Building Support for International Development:
A New Research Report from InterMedia

Foreign aid budgets in donor countries are under close scrutiny. But development groups are eager to sustain support for aid funding in a push toward the Millennium Development Goals. This presents a tough communications and engagement challenge for those aiming to keep global health and other development issues on the public agenda. 

Building Support for International Development is a guide to engaging key players in the development debate. Based on research in the four leading donor countries - France, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. - as well as emerging aid power China, the report goes beyond opinion polling on public attitudes toward foreign aid to analyze the dynamics of issues engagement with interested citizens, influentials and government decision-makers. A few key topics covered are:

  • Where members of these groups typically get information about development issues

  • Which development issues they rank as top priorities

  • What motivates citizens to become personally involved in development issues  

  • How interested citizens and influentials view the role of their governments in development

  • Who interested citizens, influentials and government decision-makers consider to be effective spokespeople or "champions" for development

  • The role of digital and social media in development engagement and information-gathering

The report wraps up with a range of practical recommendations for effective engagement.







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