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Radio: The Key to Communicating with Chadians
In order to better understand how to reach Chadians through radio, one must understand that the key players within Chad’s radio market fit into three groups.

The Importance of Location: How Regional Differences Define Media in Chad
The different regions of Chad present a diverse spectrum of challenges ranging from refugee crises in the east to severe food insecurity within the Sahel region.


demographic focus

The Effect of Socio-Economic Conditions on Media Access and Use- Economic, education and health indicators all play a role in determining media and communication access and use rates for Chadians. Here A-Scapes reveals some of these differences helping to explain how best to reach specific socio-economic groups.

Reaching Out to Women in Chad- Chadian women face cultural and social challenges every day. In addition to having limited access to education, these challenges have a direct effect on women's access to information and rates of use of media and ICTs.


Quick Reference

Media Outlet Matrix

With radio being the dominant mass communication medium in Chad, the Media Outlet Matrix focuses upon the popularity of radio stations within each regional sector.


Country Statistics

An easy reference statisical guide to Communication, Demographic and Economic Indicators for Chad.


Survey Methodology

An explanation of the sampling plan and fieldwork of the October 2009 survey used here.

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